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Crops Ruined Due to no Rain

HPI received word today from our Haitian staff that all their crops have been ruined because there has been no rain. So not only have they worked so hard in the March hot sun to plant the crops that feed their family, they had to watch a 35-day drought turn those crops into brittle stalks.

When the HPI team was there in February, the rains had started so the people were excited to prepare their gardens and plant their melons, Congo beans and manioc seeds, the food that feeds their children for three months. These are amazing people. They have been enduring one crisis after another and never a complaint. This is the everyday struggle when you are dependent on nature’s resources of earth and rain. They are still trying to catch up from their loss of crops from Hurricane Matthew. Climate change is their new reality. Their anguish, like any parent, is trying to give their children a little food each day.

Add to this the fear of the Covid-19 Virus which is spreading rampantly through Haiti. They do not possess the minimal protections so they are like sitting ducks waiting for the next tragedy. Lack of water, lack of food, lack of physical space is their fate in life. Their purpose in life is to show the rest of us how to embrace suffering without complaint but with great dignity.

Thank you to the many friends of HPI who have donated, especially during these extremely difficult times, to allow HPI to send a 2nd truckload of food to the nine remote villages it serves. That truck will reach the villages on Tuesday May 5th. The first truck delivery was on April 16th . The children are given one meal daily of rice and beans or maize. No child should have to endure the hunger that these children bear.

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