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From the Executive Director:

The women in the photo below prepare the daily meals for the children living in our nine villages. This is a major undertaking because of the amount of work involved. They have to collect firewood which means hiking 1 - 2 miles, build a fire and stand over it for a minimum of two hours cooking the rice and beans for hundreds of children. This is a tedious job but it is the only way the children will have food. Three crops have been destroyed this year because of droughts and hurricanes. Right now amongst all the political turmoil, kidnappings and civil unrest there is a tremendous shortage of food in Haiti. Our HPI staff driver, Pito, risks his life every two weeks to drive our truck from Port au Prince to our villages so he can bring the food relief to them. He has to drive through the areas where the kidnappings are happening. He is a father himself and doesn't want to see the children go hungry. He knows some back roads and promises to be very careful but this is a big commitment. These are the poorest of the poor in Haiti but they take care of each other. HPI wants to thank all the generous donors who provide the financial resources to allow us to distribute food.

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