• Eunice Tassone

Haiti and the Trifecta of Natural Disasters

Haiti has just experienced the trifecta of natural disasters and it saddens me at the loss of lives and homes in all three. A drought from March to June in which they loss their crops and food supply. The Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the country with no option to implement the health protocols. The third part of the trifecta hit them yesterday in the form of Hurricane Laura which swept through and destroyed crops that were soon to be harvested. That’s two seasons of crops that have been lost. They work so hard sunup to sundown to provide food for their families and in a matter of hours they lose everything. Mudslides are exacerbating the situation and those living in mud huts saw them swept away. What’s difficult is that our crisis team can’t get there due to the pandemic, to survey the situation and provide some resources. We have great confidence in our on-site Haitian staff and are waiting for them to call with a village to village report. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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