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The Haiti Plunge to be honored by Berkshire Interfaith Organizing

Haiti Plunge Inc.( HPI ) will be honored on Oct. 29, 2017 by Berkshire Interfaith Organizing ( BIO) at its annual MICAH ( Ministry in Community Action Honoree) Award celebration.  This event will provide the membership of BIO the opportunity to express its appreciation for contributions given by HPI to the people of Haiti and will be received on behalf of the HPI organization by Sr. Eunice Tassone, ssj one of the organization's founders.  The Haiti Plunge provides unique, cross-cultural educational experiences for high school and college age youth  in sustainable development as it exists in a developing nation.  For thirty-four years HPI has challenged thousands of Berkshire youth to make a difference in one small part of the world.  That difference continues to be made in the nine bush villages and the lives of 40,000 people that HPI serves. The Haiti Plunge website: will give you a visual reflection of what young people are capable of doing if given the opportunity. 

This event is opened to the public.  Ticket are $35 and can be purchase by calling   413- 652-0031   or   413-346-3241


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