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Sponsor a Student

Much like US kids waiting to hear about their college acceptances, Haitian kids wait to see if they have a sponsor who will allow them to attend school for a year. Many of these children ages 8, 9 and 10 years old will be attending for the first time. The government does not provide economic support for schools in remote areas, and parents cannot afford the tuition that schools must charge in order to exist. The Haiti Plunge Inc., with the help of generous donations, has sent hundreds of children to school, built schools and given the teachers supplies each year. However, there are many more that have yet to be sponsored, like Roseberline from Lamy.

Anyone interested in putting a smile on a child’s face can provide a school sponsorship for $115 annually, as the need continues to grow. A photo of the child will be sent to the sponsor. Payments can be made online using the Donate  (be sure to denote SP for "Sponsorship" next to your name) or by mailing your check payable to Haiti Plunge / SP to: Haiti Plunge Inc., PO Box 376, Adams, MA 01220.  


Getting an education in Haiti

More than 600 children attend primary schools in the villages we serve. Children must walk two to three miles each way to attend school. Since most children eat only once a day, this is a difficult task, but people in the area are committed to having their children in school if they can afford the luxury.

Students' families are asked to contribute $5.00 US monthly for tuition. This is a considerable sacrifice for a family that makes less than $450 US annually. The average family in Haiti is eight people. Sending more than two children at a time to school is impossible, so parents typically have their children alternate school years. It takes many years in this system to educate children. Your donation helps to defray costs for families and enables the children to get an education.

Going to secondary school is even more daunting. Because there is no secondary school in the mountains, students walk six to eight miles to the city of Cabaret, which is twice as expensive for tuition. They must rent a room and pay for food.


Less than 50% of children in the mountains attend school, and less than 25% of the primary students from our villages go on to attend a secondary school–but Haiti Plunge can help change that with your help.

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